Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Updates, changes, life...

So it's been nearly three years... I'd actually kind of forgotten about this thing... Whoops... Since then I didn't do a whole lot. Life and craft wise. Life wise, my parents' friend asked me out which was awful, my mom set me up with her co-worker's son which was okay until it wasn't. I started talking again to the guy I dated in college and we're back together and planning on getting married. I'm in grad school now as well, working on my MA in history; I've made some really good friends back in school, but have an awful roommate so it balances out. Craft wise, I was cross-stitching for a while, but haven't done that since I started school. I made some socks, an awesome scarf for my dad, a hat, um... I attempted some entrelac socks and some lace gloves but they were both turning out too small for whatever reason, so I quit them for now. My mom taught me a crochet stitch for blankets and I've been making an afghan on and off since last summer. I've knit two hats in the last couple months, and am stuck on the first sock of this weird yellow... I have some wonderful yarn I found on etsy that I have plans for, but we'll see when they realize (one I plan on making Skew but I don't know quite what with the other; there's about a half dozen patterns I'm eyeing). I've a laptop and highspeed internet (finally!) so will probably post pictures of stuff eventually. Assuming I don't forget about this place again. :) eta: And now I've changed the layout. :) I like this one much better. I'm still kind of a dark person, but the dandelion puff and grass is just so perfect... I love it. :)

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