Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring has... gone back to hide.

So it was gorgeous for about a week. I even had the windows open and didn't wear a coat to class! Now, it's snowed again. We even had a snow day Wednesday... :( Snow days make me very unmotivated for school. I knit quite a bit though. I'm now past the arm holes on Josh's sweater. :) I'm thrilled. Now it's all straightforward until it hits the right length for him. I had him try it yesterday once I'd joined under the arms to make sure it all fit right. He was worried it was going to be tight across the front so I explained that there would be the ribbing and the zipper added still. It fit across the back, more importantly, which is what I was worried about. It's turning out well. :) I really want to do something that'll go quick and be done and easy, but I know I need to stick with the sweater. I just really want to make some more socks... Or start a sweater for me. Or something. This (mainly) one project thing is killing me! lol I guess I could work on the afghan; it's just so huge and difficult to want to work on...

Now to get back to school work... Civil War - we have an exam next week. I think I'll be okay. Luckily I don't have to read the book for this exam; it's The Killer Angels which I've read a few times before, and I've seen Gettysburg I don't know how many times (what an amazing movie). 20th Century Seminar - I've been reading old newspaper articles from 1915 on The Birth of a Nation. The paper'll be on the press reception of the film and how they report on the protests, premieres, etc. I need to start writing the paper though; the draft is due in two Mondays and I have to have 15-18 pages done. Ick. 1865-Present Colloquium - I have 2 papers to write still. I'm trying to get one done ASAP but it's not happening... It's on a book I already read so it should go easy but it's not... I need to start the next paper too; try and write as I read the book this time...

My friend copied Atonement for me so I watched that last night. :) I love that movie even though I couldn't get through the book... I put on Vanity Fair afterwards; another excellent movie. Trying to de-stress but it's not working well so far... :/

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I've been working on

So I started this blanket last summer some time. Mom taught me the stitch and it does go fast, but it's just getting large and hard to work with, but I like that the colors can be whatever and however wide. I need to get back to it, but like I said, it's hard to wield around...

The socks I just finished. Very straightforward. I started them last summer then didn't touch them for ages. Once I got back to them though, they finished in less than a week.

The beginnings of the sweater I'm making for Josh. You can just see the top edge there on the left. The yellow yarn's holding the loose cast on stitches to add the hood onto later. It's 30 black rows and then 5 blue rows due to the much less amount of blue I was able to buy. I'm still worried I might run out... I'm really enjoying making it. Very simple overall. We'll see once I get into actual shaping though. :)