Friday, April 26, 2013

Greenfield Village - Part Two (Photo Heavy)

Now for all the gorgeous textiles, needlecrafts, and more.

At Greenfield Village there are two working farms and the majority of other homes portray home-life for the people who would have lived there.  There are quilts, embroidery, knitting, knitting, knitting...  I swear there was knitting in over half the homes, and other needle crafts in the other half.

There are a few shops in the Village that show the kinds of things that were available for purchase at the store. There are bolts of fabric, skeins of embroidery silk, skeins of wool, needles.  You can watch people spinning wool, see nitty noddys on display, spinning wheels galore.  Later in the summer you can see dying of wool taking place.

Additionally there are a number of mills in and near the Liberty Craftworks area, showing traditional skills (printing, pottery, weaving, etc.) on display.  There is a silk mill, weaving shop, carding mill.

It's truly a wonderful place. (Some of the pictures got out of order, apologies.)

Ford Home:
McGuffey Home, nitty noddy:
 J.R. Jones General Store:
Silk Mill:

Carding Mill:

 Weaving Shop:

 Cohen Millinery Shop, embroidery silks and supplies:
 Cohen Millinery Shop, knitting supplies:
Wright Family Home, embroidered pillow, "When the Moon Plays Peek a Boo":
 Sarah Jordan Boarding House:

 Susquehanna Plantation:

 Daggett Farmhouse:

 Noah Webster House:

 Mattox Family Home:
 Mattox Family Home, in the presenter's rest area:
Chapman Family Home:
 Ford Home:

 McGuffey Home:
Weaving Shop:

Greenfield Village - Part One (Photo Heavy)

Yesterday and today I had my first days off in two weeks.  Yesterday I did nothing (it was glorious); today we went to my place of work.

Touring the Village again (I hadn't truly been in years) really made me appreciate working there that much more and made me realize how special of a place it really is.  The history and various crafts on display are just amazing.  All the things you can do and see...!  It's brilliant.

Here's a smattering of Greenfield Village and all it has to offer: