Thursday, November 29, 2007

The bag, cross stitch, and faeries

So I've decided that, while stockinette is easy and fast to do, it's still just as boring as seed. You do either one for too long and it just gets tiring... I'm about half way done with the back piece on the bag. It's 14" of stockinette and then 7" of seed. Actually I guess I'm more than half way done since I only have 1 more inch of stockinette. And it only is the back because I *think* I screwed up the first row, and it's much easier to hide in the back... I have the front left after the back, and then all finishing. Which should be interesting since both Mom and I were having problems understanding exactly what they meant in places... But I get to crochet for the front closures which should be interesting since I haven't crocheted in about a year. I get to try other crochet soon too though. I bought this fancy thread that's white and silver and I get to see if it works well for snowflakes since I thought Mom's plain white snowflakes, while nice, could use with sparkle and shine. So it's up to me to try... Should be interesting. At work yesterday I got to help a woman kit up a cross stitch for her granddaughter. The woman doesn't cross stitch so I got to explain a lot to her. But it was nice to kit up something, especially since I'm stuck right now... I have 2 things that were meant to be for last Christmas and won't be done this Christmas either I don't think. And so I'm not letting myself do another pattern till those are done. Which is part of why I've dived into knitting so hard. I need to do something. And I can only take so much pink... I ought to just finish... The second one will go fast, I think, so it's really just about sitting down to do it. I just feel bad they weren't done last year and so working on them is like admitting defeat, almost. I'm strange... But it makes it hard to work on them. Which is why I don't promise hand made gifts anymore. (You think I'd've learned after Mom had to do the majority of the middle of a scarf I made because I was too slow...) On a different not I bought myself some of my Christmas gifts from my grandma yesterday (since she doesn't like shopping for us, she gives us money so we can get what we want). Brian Froud's World of Faerie is fantastic and an added surprise was the poster he did for "Instructions" in a pocket on the back cover. So happy. :) And The Best of Edith Piaf for $10. Yay.

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