Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Beginning (and things to come)

I thought it was about time I started a real blog, rather than just my livejournal one that's mainly fluff and surveys. So here goes nothing... This will mainly be about my crafting projects, but also -if something really strikes me- there will also be books I've read, movies I've seen, and possibly news stories since I'm a news junkie. I was accepted to ravelry finally (yay!) and they have an option to add a blog, so that's really what sparked this off. I've been on there for a couple hours now, adding all my previous projects and my w.i.p.s. I have 4 of each... I need to work on that ratio. My four completed include a crocheted hat, two knit hats (they're the same hat, too, just one for me and one for my sister), and a scarf I made years ago for the guy I was dating at the time. The four w.i.p.s are a striped scarf I started years ago, a granny square hat I started this past January, a knit cabled hat I started this past January, and the knit bag I'm working on now. The bag is going well. I'm working on the last of the four(?) pockets, have the strap done, and have the front and back to do next. Then all the joining up so it actually looks like something other than random swatches of seed stitch in brown, yellow, and pale green. I'm really proud of it; it's the biggest thing I've made so far. I have so many patterns and magazines now too that it's really nice to get something big made. :) I'll post pictures later, once I get them uploaded. In other news I'm reading five books right now, which is a huge number for me. I also ought to be applying to grad school right now, but am putting it off (which I really shouldn't do any longer...). So, yes, I'm on ravelry as nzfriend. I'm on goodreads (with a mile long "to-read" list) as Bronwyn. :) ttfn

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