Thursday, September 13, 2012

Elephants and Socks

So, it's been a while.  I finished working at the archives I was at, we moved out of our apartment, we were kinda homeless and so were living with Josh's parents for a few weeks, and moved into a house we're renting in the Detroit area.  We've been moved in for a month now, and so far so good.  Josh has started school again and that's going well.  I'm looking for work and have had a few interviews, but nothing's panned out yet.  It's getting very frustrating so I've been reading, watching tv, and knitting a lot to relax.

This one I actually made back in June, for my boss at the archives.  I didn't know when I'd be leaving (if I'd found a job we would have moved sooner than we did), so I wanted to give her a little something when I could.  She does circus research so I thought the elephant was appropriate. :)

These next ones are three baby gifts I made.  I made one for my friend's new baby, and two for my mom's co-workers (both have had their babies now; a boy and a girl).

I've been working pretty well on Josh's sweater and am more than halfway done with the first sleeve, but it got too hot to continue.  I also wanted some quick projects that I've been wanting to do so I've made some socks (I started these last Tuesday, the 4th).  Monkey:

Kalajoki (the right sock; the left isn't done yet, but I'm halfway through with the foot):

I will probably keep up with the socks for awhile.  I love making socks and I love quick projects and I need to feel productive right now.  I think next will be Riff, but I also have Sinusoida, Paraphernalia, Harold and Maude, Maeva, and a couple others wanting to be made.  I also have a couple hat prototypes in progress that are just okay, and I told my friend I'd make him a beanie for winter, so those will probably get done soon too.  I just love socks. :)

Ravelry links: purple elephant, rainbow elephants, Flying Monkey socks, Laxá/Kalajoki socks.

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