Friday, May 4, 2012


Eep, it's been awhile!  I'm now done with my MA (graduation's tomorrow, now to find a job...), I've finished another baby set for another of Josh's cousins, and (!) I finished my Anne socks! :)  I'm currently editing the pattern (written while knitting the first, edited while knitting the second, though once it's done I hope people will let me know if there are issues - things I might assume, since I know how it goes, I might not explain properly, etc.) and hope to have it up on ravelry soon. :)

So, without further ado:
Raveled here: Anne-girl socks.

And here's the baby set: 
Offset wraplan, Garter stripe baby socks, Aviator.  I still have to attach buttons and sew in a few ends.  I really want to make those baby socks in an adult size; I love the pattern. :)  Next I have three elephants to make; one for my boss (who does circus research) and two for babies for my mom's co-workers.  I also have to get back to Josh's sweater which I haven't worked on in much too long.  I just like these quick little projects so much better!  Plus I have the wedding yarn to use and I'm getting more for graduation from Mom and Dad and I just want to use it now, lol.

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