Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby stuff updates

So my sister-in-law had her baby Monday.  Josh and I made a very quick trip to Buffalo to be there.  They didn't know what they were having so it was a surprise, hence the fairly neutral gift I made.  They had a girl and named her Charlotte Marie.  She's adorable of course. :)

I've started the gift for the baby shower March 3rd.  I'm making the Garter Stitch Baby Kimono right now.  I'm planning on making some booties too and maybe a hat, but I'm not super speedy, so we'll see...  Here's the progress so far:
I'm onto the sleeves now (as you can see) and am having serious ladder issues.  More than I've had with dpns in a long time.  I'm hoping they'll resolve once I can work with them a bit.  Anyhow, I love how it's turning out so far.  I bought some really pretty light denim blue buttons to pull out the blue in the yarn, and got the same buttons in the smaller size for the booties.  I really like this sweater and the yarn is gorgeous.

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