Friday, November 11, 2011

Embroidered Cover #3

 My third and final cover for the Covered in Stitches contest.  It ended Monday, I finished this late Sunday.  You didn't think I'd do a book cover contest and not do an Anne cover, did you? :)  Green Gables and Anne are both on white linen.  Green Gables I stitched through both the white and blue and you can see a bit of the white around the edges.  Anne I appiqued on in entirely; a tiresome process, but sooo worth it in the end.  I think she looks pretty fabulous.  I used the text from the movie and just back-stitched it.
 The illustration from the Anne of Green Gables Treasury alongside my piece. :)
 A close up of Anne.
 Green Gables.  You can see the white around the edges.  Ignore the blue, I took the photos before I cleaned it.  The trees and bushes are felt with french knot flowers.  The tree trunks are just sort of satin stitched, but not in a smooth way so that they'd look more tree like.  The roof threads are woven through each other.  The grass by the house is the raw edge of the green fabric. :)

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