Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Long time no see

So it's been a while.  It hasn't been terribly exciting here lately overall.  Though, my awful roommate moved out and my fiance moved in. :)  The apartment's definitely more cozy when you don't have to worry about running into the other person, and there's more stuff and it's just friendlier feeling in general.  It's awesome. :)  Though, we've been wedding planning, going back and forth between a fairly big, regular wedding and basically just eloping.  We're going to have the regular, nice wedding and hope that being near Christmas not so many people will come (my issue with the regular wedding is how big it was getting).  We've got the church and photographer and are about to send out save the dates (which I know are, like, months late...), and I have my dress.  That's it.  This is way more complicated and stressful than I wanted.  I just want to marry him, I don't want all this fuss, lol!

I haven't been terribly productive lately.  I haven't knit really at all lately.  I've been cross stitching again lately, and embroidering - which I love because I can whip things out in a day or so depending on size.  One of the embroideries was a gift that was just given so I couldn't share until now. :)

The gift for my wonderful friend, Mandy, and her new husband, Steve:

 This I made because I loved the text of it (found here on flickr) and wanted to keep embroidering things.  It's the author's note to Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh:
 A close up of the stem stitch outline:
 Not completely done yet (I still have to wash it), but I just loved this t-shirt on Cafe Press or something and wanted to do the illustration:
 And last but definitely not least me and the gorgeous bride from this past weekend, and then a wonderful one of her in the mirror :) :
Congrats again to Mandy and Steve! :)

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